The Kőszegi Nemezgyár has been esablished in 1896 by Kamill Eisner and Frigyes Eisner. The company which was nationalized in the 1940s has became private again in 1992 and we became the owners in 2016. The Multifelt Factory has 20 employee who work in one shift.

We see our future in incrasing productivity, to make efficient sales and marketing work, and to develop closer relationship with artists and designers. We are continuosly develop the quality of our proucts, and we beleave that the maintenance of the old machines the proper selectionof the raw materials and esteem of the experienced staff make possible to come it true. We are willing to reserve the values of the 120 years factory and rebuild the reputation of our products in Hungary and on abroad too.

Ilona Fodor and Éva Hargitai